August 14, 2017


What is this program all about?
Developing YOU as a person
It’s all about shedding inhibitions, building confidence and growing as a person. It’s also about learning to collaborate with peers, getting better at team work and becoming more sociable.

Why should you consider?
Build an aura around yourself
Good personalities can express themselves and bring out the best from others as well. Build a good personality, differentiate yourself and be that person every one wants to befriend.

How do we go about it?
The old school way!
Practice makes one perfect; we make you practise. Real life scenarios, role plays, group discussions, debates, extempore and whole host of interesting activities.

The Personality Development program includes a series of one/ two week long workshops covering areas such as communication skills, leadership skills, public speaking, team work etc. To know more, please leave us a message here and our team will get back to you at the earliest!